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It is understood that the driving lessons are different at each step of the way and each holds a significant value of its own.

When looking for the perfect venture, many people search for the most cost-effective solutions. Later on, they realize the mistake they have made when they have to pay for hidden costs. It gets worse when they compare these apparently inexpensive prices with that of the high-quality ones.

Mini School of Motoring – FAQs Lessons

  • One an average, 30% of beginners looks for another driving tutor than their current one. This mostly happens sometimes before the practical test. Each week, our office receives calls from different people who want to change their current instructor. Some also want to opt out of the respective driving school. And, the list goes on.
  • It is a misconception that all driving lessons are same and the price decides the best from the worst. It is indeed consumer psychology to ask about the price rather than the quality of the service. Not to mention the parents who do not consider it important to ask about the driving tutor’s qualification.

Evaluation Criteria to Know About the Driving Lesson

First and foremost, you have to build a rapport with your instructor. In this interactive session, you have to know where you stand, when it comes to learning and how you can take it from here to the next level.

After that, you have to utilize a set of questions and answers in order to more about your knowledge of theory and the things you need to learn.

In the process, you also have to manufacture a risk management plan. This will ensure that who will be held liable for certain actions.

Is there is a need that the instructor must guide you through the whole process, or you will share the responsibility for your actions? You must be well aware of this point so that any kind of future inconvenience can be avoided.

When you are done practising, you have to take a moment and evaluate whatever you have learnt. This will allow you and your tutor to agree on either of the following points:

  1. Whether you need further practice or not.
  2. Should you move to Next Level?
  3. Should you practice independent driving?

It is important that the client knows each step of the process so that they can make the most of it while they are learning. The problem with most of the driving instructors is that they are not adopting this kind of client-centred learning. As a result, lack of communication leads to more complication later on. Therefore, keeping up with the latest training is important for the tutor as well. In case, they do not, it will be quite clear in the prices that they charge as a fee.

Things to Consider

While driving, it is recommended to look for objective at every step of the way. If you have selected an instructor, and you take driving lessons for 2 hours a day without any objective, then there might be a problem. The thing is that you do not know what is your aim and what will you achieve from this practice. To save your precious time and money, you have to follow procedure and look for aims and objectives. This will also highlight any obstacles that you might face along the way and how can you overcome them.

Get Help from Our Customer Services Officers

Our customer services representatives are at your disposal whenever you need. Chris will assist you in the continuity of the driving lessons.

Note: In the ‘Meet the Team’ section, you will find many drivers who have selected our services. Furthermore, you can also look at our ‘Private Practice’ article.

How to gauge quality driving lessons

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